Avjet Routing can facilitate all your flight needs and this includes generate flight plans, obtain all over-flight and landing permits, arrange and coordinate all ground handling and fuel services, crew assistance concerning Visas and immigration, hotel booking, transportation, etc…

Avjet Routing can provide services worldwide: Africa, Europe, South Asia, Russia, CIS, North and South America, Australia, and the Far East.

This depends on the country and the provided /availability of information. Usually Avjet Routing can obtain permits for most of the countries within 24 hours. Some countries do require more time and that will depend on the nature of the flight. Some countries do require 72 hours while others need 7 days.

Yes, Avjet Routing in cooperation with the Operator, can obtain diplomatic permits for over-flight or landing. The time frame ranges 24 hours to 7 days and that depends on the nature of the flight. Usually, it can be cleared within 48 hours.

VVIP flights and state flights, cargo flights that carry unconventional cargo or UN flights.

Yes, Avjet Routing offers credit facilities extended to our clients worldwide.

Avjet Routing handles all type of flights – VVIP, ambulance, commercial, ferry, etc..

You only have to complete the Credit Application Form and our Representative will get back to you and help you set up an account.

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