Extremely competitive fuel pricing in China and other countries


Service over 1,800 locations worldwide and representatives 365 24/7 days.

Extensive Supply Portfolio

Supplier of your choice for a diverse range of operator

Credit fuel

Credit fuel sales with flexible terms of credit

Global Supplies

With FAstest Growing terms of credit

Military Certified

Attested by some of the most well known names in commercial and general Military aviation.

Excellent Relationships

Excellent relationships with other suppliers team of experienced professional. 24/7 operational fuel support.

Quality Fuel Service

Great condition, ensured through regular inspections monitored by concerned authorities and experienced quality control department.

Fuel Insurance

We deliver quality products and services, we choose suppliers with care, we choose insured suppliers, Insurance is extended to our clients as third party insurance

Quality Suppliers

Expertise in fuel management partnered with over 500 certified internationally recognized suppliers that provide high quality fuel.

Network of Locations

Network of locations span to the busiest locations to the most remote. Tender- we call for tenders in various locations.

Worldwide Coverage

We expanded our database of suppliers with maximum coverage reputation

Dependable industry to support you!

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