Overflight and Landing Permit

Ultra Short Notice Service for Russian and Chinese Clearances

Parking Solutions

Solutions for Parking Problem in Hongkong, Macau, Maldives, Mauritius and Seychelles,

Trained Dispatchers

Trained Licensed and special dedicated dispatchers in 24h

No Distinction

Does not make deliberate distinction between preparing flights inside or outside IFPZ zone.


Multiple Flight Planning Tools


Multiple Flight Planning tools being more flexible with regards of the operators needs and fleet flown. There are no additional costs for flight monitoring delays and flight plan changes.

All flights are treated the same and get the same amount of attention in pre-planning, planning and flight monitoring.

macbook1Operational Plans are accordance to EASA OPS


Multitude of flight plan layouts that you can choose from.

Before each flight within a timeframe of 24H. The crew will receive an information Bulletin consisting preliminary FPL, weather forecast, NOTAM restrictions and any other info. relevant to the flight. Within this timeframe, the crew and the dispatcher can establish the suitable alternates, expected amount of fuel on board and any other aspects of upcoming flight.

connectionClose Relationship to Civil Aviation Authorities

Secure Overflight and Landing permits on the most estimable time possible. Operations department will process requests in a matter of minutes. We offer opportunities to clients so you can take flight in short notices.

Fly Worry free and Stress free, Tommorrow!

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