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Onboard Deluxe Catering

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A fine dining experience mid air

From standard VIP catering to extravagant requests, we’ve got you covered. All flight meals are prepared by trained chefs who have mastered their art. We can suit your meals to any kind of requirements, including medical, dietary and religious restrictions.

Whether your journey requires some light refreshment, à la carte dining, a buffet or a banquet, we can provide you with the highest quality in-flight catering service available.

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We have preferred catering providers for each airport location, all over the world. The catering can be arranged with the FBO, and will be freshly delivered for your flight.

Global coverage

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We will do everything possible to source and provide for your catering preferences and nutritional requirements. If your flight is for a special occasion, we can arrange for special items such as birthday cakes, flowers, and even specialists.

Personalized Meals

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Tea, coffee and soft drinks are provided on all flights. Alcohol is served on most aircraft, with the exception of some flights within the Middle East. Champagne can be arranged on all aircraft by request.

Renowned Chefs

Among the many flights we have successfully served, we have had the pleasure of serving some of our elite guests with the best and most delectable Mediterranean dishes, prepared in alignment with their religious and dietary needs.

Our guests were greatly impressed by the buffet of dishes we lined up for their special celebration, as they were flying with their friends and family.

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