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En-route Permits

Offering exclusive services for
obtaining en-route
overflight and landing permits.

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Over the course of operations, Avjet Routing has built strong association with the civil aviation authorities, authorized offices and agencies around the World which helps us in offering exclusive services for obtaining en-route overflight and landing permits under the most challenging time deadlines. We have a highly experienced team of trip support services which ensures that our clients get their requests processed under managed timelines, allowing them to take flights under short notice.

In addition to offering VIP overflight permissions, we also handle urgent permits for air rescue operations under absolutely stringent conditions. Our highly efficient TSS teams are able to procure urgent grants by directly connecting with the representatives of the directorate of the civil aviation authorities.

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We offer parking solutions even for some of the most demanding destinations, including Hongkong, Maldives, Macau, Seychelles and Mauritius.

VIP Parking Solutions

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When you choose Avjet Routing services, you are taken care of by licensed, highly trained and dedicated dispatchers, available 24 hours a day.

Expert Dispatchers

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All flights are treated with the utmost dedication and get all the necessary attention in pre-planning, planning and flight monitoring – both inside or outside the IFPZ zone.

No task too small

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We are highly flexible in regards to operators’ needs and fleet being flown. There are no additional costs in case of flight monitoring delays and flight plan changes.

Flight planning tools

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By maintaining a close relationship with the Civil Aviation Authorities, we enable our clients to take flight on the shortest notice. Our operations department can process requests in a matter of minutes.


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Select your flight plan layouts, up to 24h before a flight. Receive your information bulletin with FPL, a weather forecast, NOTAM restrictions, and any other information relevant to the flight.

Operational plans

A flight was stuck in Hong Kong, because their service provider had only arranged an arrival slot, and the departure slot still pending. With the intended departure time looming near, the promised by their agent departure slot still had not materialized.

They approached us with the problem, even though it’s almost impossible to get involved in an already active flight in Hong Kong. We stepped in and obtained the necessary departure slot, and the aircraft was allowed to depart. That was only possible because we are trusted by the Hong Kong authorities, who prioritize agents with a stellar record in their applications and approvals.

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