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Services and requests

What services can I request from Avjet Routing ITP?

Avjet Routing ITP is equipped to facilitate all your trip planning requirements. Our extensive list of services includes but not limited to generating flight plans, obtaining all overflight and landing permits, arranging and coordinating all ground handling and fuel services, crew assistance concerning Visas and immigration, hotel booking, VIP ground transportation, charter flight, air ambulance and much more.
Countries serviced

Which countries does Avjet Routing ITP provide aviation service in?

Avjet Routing ITP can provide services worldwide: Africa, Europe, South Asia, Russia, CIS, North and South America, Australia, and the Far East.
Diplomatic permits and clearances

Can Avjet Routing ITP obtain diplomatic permits?

Yes, Avjet Routing ITP, in cooperation with the Operator, can obtain diplomatic permits for overflight and landing. The time frame is usually ranged between 24 hours to 7 days, depending on the nature and the location of the flight. Usually, we can get a permit cleared within 48 hours.

What types of flights are handled by Avjet Routing ITP?

VVIP flights and state flights, cargo flights that carry unconventional cargo, or UN flights.
Credit facilities

Can Avjet Routing ITP provide credit facilities for fuel and ground handling?

Yes, Avjet Routing offers credit facilities extended to our clients worldwide.
Types of flights

What types of flight does Avjet Routing ITP handle?

Avjet Routing ITP is perfectly apt for handling all types of flights like VVIP, air ambulance, commercial, ferry, charter etc.
Opening an account

What is the procedure to open an account with Avjet Routing ITP?

You simply have to complete the credit application form (available on our website) and our representatives will get in touch with you and help you set up an account.

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