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Avjet Routing is gaining recognition as one of the best FBOs around. We offer a wide range of handling and ramp coordination services for clients all across the world. Our highly trained teams are equipped to professionally handle client requirements such as flight dispatch, aircraft chartering, lease arrangements, on-site customs clearance, transportation arrangements, food catering, VIP security, concierge services, upscale lounges for meet and greet and more.

We are ready to meet your diverse aviation service requirements, all under one roof, helping clients save a hefty sum of money by avoiding third party costs. Our team of efficient ground handling agents are at your service 24/7.

Our service platter includes a plethora of FBO ground handling solutions

With our expertise in serving VIP clients and handling ground services with utmost precision, we have had the pleasure of working for some very high-profile clients.

A particular trip began with Rolls Royce airside transport, surrounded by a high security detail. A no-wait flight charter followed, apt with the most efficient crew and fine dining chefs to offer luxury, comfort and recreation to our valued travellers. While the guests enjoyed some of the best cigars in the FBO terminal’s cigar lounge, the ground handling team worked in the background on baggage handling, security, fuelling and concierge services. On-site customs and immigration handling was also provided as part of our unique and elite services.

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