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Our dedicated teams work closely with the Air Traffic Services (ATS) to design the perfect flight plans for our clients travelling abroad. We keep constant track of the recent developments and take all necessary steps and precautions to meticulously plan your flights.

As a result of apron planning and optimal use of existing airport capacity, the majority of the worldwide airports need SCR (Slot Clearance Request) or PPR (Prior Permission Required) which has to be obtained before arrival. Our in-house traffic rights specialists and a strong worldwide network of agents ensure that we can promptly secure clearance for your flights and offer flight planning services that resonate with our clients’ needs.

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Our flight planning team is responsible for generating slot clearance requests and fulfilling the PPR needs that most of the airports around the globe require in order to obtain flight clearances and reserve the most suitable slot for your flights.


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We acquire all air traffic clearances beforehand to ensure that our flight plans go through smoothly and our clients have a smooth experience with minimal wait time.

Air Traffic Clearance

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Our flight planning team designs international trip plans keeping in mind unpredictable weather changes and always has contingency plans in place. We keep our clients appraised and prepared.

Weather Briefing

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Avjet Routing has a strict confidentiality policy and is committed to handling any critical mission with the utmost professionalism. We have experience providin timely flight planning and other services to government agencies all over the world.

Government missions

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With the latest tools and information at our disposal, we will chart your trips keeping in mind all the necessary details to optimize your flight plan and save you time and money.

Dedicated Team

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Avjet Routing’s close association with local service providers and authorities on different locations around the world helps us offer round the clock worldwide operations, ground assistance and fuel support at civil and military airports alike.

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Among our many success stories, one of our Norwegian flights was diverted to the Nuremberg Airport because the airport at the final destination of Munich was unexpectedly closed. The request came in at the last minute and we had to urgently manage handling at the airport. We stepped in without a moment to waste and set up flight handling with the destination airport on credit basis to ensure that all the services were provided as promised to the clients..

As a particular example, we received the transportation request for the craft’s 116 passengers at 12h50. In less than 30 minutes the buses we arranged left the airport with everyone on board. The aircraft was also able to departed in less than an hour of its ATA.

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