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Avjet Routing’s global partners can cater all flight support needs, including jet fuel at the most competitive rates. Our fixed base operator (FBO) fuel services ensure that all multi-leg flights are for arranged before they touch the runway.

We offer fueling services for private charters and help our clients eschew the time and extra cost associated with finding the best fuel quotes. Our worldwide associations and agents enable us offer the most competitive fuel prices to our clients.

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Avjet Routing and our representatives are currently offering services in more than 1800 locations around the world, every day of the year, every hour of the day.

Worldwide service

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We offer convenience by providing excellent credit rates, with terms that can be customized to match your requirements.

Fuel Credit

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We work with numerous commercial and military aviation branches, and they can proudly attest for quality of our services.

Military Certified

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We ensure the quality of the jet fuel we provide by regular inspections and maintaining strict quality control protocols thanks to a highly experienced control department.

Quality guaranteed

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We make it a priority to choose our suppliers with the utmost care and precision. We only work with insured jet fuel suppliers, and that insurance is extended to our clients as a third party coverage.

Insurance coverage

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Our close associations with multitude of suppliers, professionals and agents all over the globe ensure that we are able to serve our clients at all times and offer 24/7 fuel support.

Uninterrupted Service

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We put great value in our fuel management services and partner with more than 500 certified, internationally recognized suppliers that offer only high quality fuel.

Top-tier suppliers

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Our international network of global fuel providers and suppliers enables us to offer our fuel services in the most remote locations of the world.

International Network

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Our extensive, elaborate and versatile supplier portfolio allows us to work with a vast range of operators around the globe. We are equipped to arrange for a supplier that best fits your needs.

Supply Portfolio

We are known throughout the industry for offering the most competitive jet fuel pricing, from the busiest to the most remote locations. We greatly value the importance of dependability and quality of service, and we believe that is one of the things our clients appreciate the most. You can count on us to deliver consistent client satisfaction.

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