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Your trip on the ground, in comfort

Utilizing only the newest fleet of vehicle for our ground transportation, Avjet Routing can arrange any and all ground transportation for our clients. Our chauffeurs are well acquainted with the routes and are trained to work for VIP clients, honouring all their privacy needs.

Luxury cars, limousines, or armored cars are at our clients’ disposal. Our teams are equipped to serve your transportation needs 24/7, and ensure that your trip on ground can be as enjoyable as the one in the air.


Our expert travel team is always at your service, to help you select the best economy or luxury transportation options that fit your budget and fulfill your needs.

24/7 Assistance & Service

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We are associated with some of the best international and domestic car rental agencies around the world and ensure that you find the car of your choice at the best rental prices possible, be it for business or for leisure. We also offer luxurious cars for VIP ground transportation.

Luxury Car Rental

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For the ground transportation of our VIP clients, we offer limo services with executive chauffeurs. Highly trained staff will ensure that your privacy and security needs are met, in a pristine fleet of vehicles.

Executive Chauffeurs

A special client once needed their 200 VIP guests to be transferred on Rolls-Royces with executive chauffeurs, while maintaining a strict security detail. It was an enormous challenge to offer such exclusive services to a large group of elite guests, and without the combined efforts of our agents and partners, it would not have been possible to managed the job this well on a relatively short notice.

Handling VIP guests, who along with class and luxury also recuire attention to their privacy and security concerns, is a major responsibility.

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